These are preliminary workshop listing. Sessions, titles, teachers, and descriptions are still being worked out and are subject to change.

Students will not sign up for individual workshops as they had in the past. Instead, during the Opening Ceremonies, you will be asked to select and record your top three choices for workshops in each session (except students who are pre-registered and assigned standup or adjudication workshop slots). Then, you are free to attend whatever workshops you like throughout the festival! If a workshop becomes full, the teaching artist will place a ‘workshop full’ sign on the door and you will move on to your second or third choice for workshops in that session.


You might be turned away from a full workshop - just as you might have been disappointed getting up to a table and finding out a workshop was full. We strive to provide a wide variety of workshops and are certain that you will be able to find multiple choices which suit your interests.


All students must be in a workshop during all sessions and cannot opt-out because their first choice was full. This workshop structure is the same that is found at multiple state and national conferences.

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