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Students can attend a variety of workshops from local and national Teaching Artists in the four time slots available. Check our our website for offerings from this year and previous years.


INTAF gives the opportunity to audition scenes/musical pieces for potential showcase to be performed in the closing showcase.  If you are interested in auditioning for showcase slots, you must memorize & prepare your material prior to INTAF and will audition during session 4 (similar to Thespys). This is an optional activity. IF you are interested in the auditioning for one of the showcase performance slots, you must pre-register during registration.

OPTIONAL WIPs - Works In Progress

10 minute Work-in-progress (WIP) cuttings from productions that have not yet opened. Showcase your students and all the hard work you have put in for your upcoming fall production. This is a great way to advertise your show and get your students some positive audience reaction as you work toward your opening night!

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